Please post all javascript related queries, your accomplishments, your projects, etc. anything you consider worth asking/sharing here. Do not spam :)
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By mehulmpt
Hey there!

So you are progressing towards perfection, eh? Its great to see you here. JavaScript is indeed the language you'll need to survive as a web developer. And guess what, it is becoming more and more powerful, syntactically easy to understand and efficient every day! You should not have any problem starting off with JavaScript.

Again, just like I suggested in HTML tutorials, consume everything from one resource and then move forward with better confidence. I've prepared ~50 tutorials on JavaScript which I believe would be enough for you to get familiar and even expertise a little in JavaScript. Mind you, this is not ES6!

Now go ahead and start building something! Here are the tutorials: ... 18tXtCJbfR

Good luck for adventure :)

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